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***We are now booking events for Santa photo!!  Our first event is 11/25/18 at WoofMeow in Derry, NH  from  11am - 3pm.  The following week  - 12/2/18 - we will be in their Dover store!!  We specialize in pet photos with Santa, but humans are good too!!  These 2 events are fundraisers for WoofMeow's 4 different charities.  We are honored to help them raise money for these charities to help out our furry friends!!


sillie eventures special event photography Our special event photography division.  We started in the digital photography business in 1991 – in it’s infancy!  I was running 23 malls across the country that did Santa and Easter Bunny photo.  Sillie Eventures were so busy that Kodak, Sony and some other companies used our business to enhance their products.  We were their test dummies!!  After doing that job for 16 years or so, I decided to branch out on my own.

It is at this time that I learned everything there is to know about Green Screen photography!  We do corporate events, customizing their photos with logos or advertising.  Sillie Eventures do golf tournaments, weddings, birthday parties, family portraits and senior photos to name just a few. We know that when Sillie Eventures does family photos we become part of their family traditions and history.  This is an honor for us.

All the while doing these special events, I was longing for the fun of the holidays so we decided to branch out into doing Santa and Easter Bunny photos for pets!!!  We’ve done dogs, cats, rabbits, turtles, scorpions, goats, and lizards.  We don’t do Giraffes though….they won’t fit in the scene!!  These events are usually fundraisers for animal charities and we are happy to do that.  We’ve been with Woof Meow in Derry, NH since they opened!!

We even bring Santa to nursing homes to visit and have family photos done with Santa!!

Because of the Green Screen technology, if we can dream it, we can do it!!



wedding photo


Along with doing Special Events with photography, I am also a Justice of the Peace and can officiate your wedding!  We have done some really fun and Sillie weddings!

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